COVID-19 Resources

Activities: Educational

Educational companies offering free subscriptions during school closures

Other Goose - Free Trial 21 Days

What to do with your kids when school is cancelled

- Scholastic Learning From Home 

- PBS Kids - Ways to Play

- Top museums have put out 3D/virtual tours

- Overall Daily Schedule idea

- - worksheets & guidance

- Learning Liftoff: Games 

- Activity Mom

- Cincinnati Zoo - Home Safari Facebook live (weekdays @ 2pm starting Mon 3/16) They will highlight one animal and include an activity that can be done at home.  

- San Diego Zoo website for kids with videos, activities, and games

- Monterey Bay Aquarium live webcams 

LEGO Challenge: 30 Days of Play Calendar - That Brick Life 

- 123HomeSchool4Me - Free Worksheets (printable)

- Highlights Magazine Activities 

- Wonderscope Starting 3/24, they will live stream daily programs on Facebook. Tues-Fri at 10:30am will be programming for 4 and under, and 2:00pm will be programming for ages 8 and under. All broadcasts will be saved so you can view anytime.

Activities: Leisure/Pass-The-Time 

Baking ideas w/ Kids

- Indoor kids activity list

Charity During Coronavirus

YouTube Channel that teaches kids how to draw

Stories read by celebs

- Disney Crafts 

- At Home Scientific Experiments (1)

- At Home Scientific Experiments (2)

- Enrichment Activities list 

- (250 activity list)

- Daily Interactive / Doodle over Lunch (Kennedy Center)

- Dr. Seuss Word Challenge

- Virtual Field Trip San Diego Zoo (+ activities)

- Busy Toddler Activity List (40)

- Kiwi Co Parent Toolkit

Fitness & Mental Health

PopSugar Fitness – online YouTube classes

- Fitness ideas/apps

- Kids Yoga

- Virtual Happy Hours - Daily Medication Practices

Nationwide Children's - Time for 10! Exercise Videos


- Talking to Kids about Coronavirus (NPR)

- Talking to Kids About Coronavirus (PBS)

- Kansas City specifics: hotline & text alert info

- FlipBook story for kids about sickness & why staying home

Other Helpful Information 

- Is Food Delivery Safe During COVID-19?

- Foods that freeze well

- A helpful list of ideas on what to stock 

- Pediatric Associates COVID-19 page

- Working from Home Successfully

- COVID-19 Home Education Resources Facebook

- List of Websites for Families to Use While School is Closed

Get Outside 

- Visit KC - Hiking in and Around KC

- Missouri State Parks

- Kansas State Parks


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